Joinville restaurants

Top Choice German in Joinville

Restaurante Hübener

This high-quality buffet of Brazilian-interpreted German specialties is not the kind of place you want to go more than once, but once is worth the waistline expansion. Joinville's best marreco (stuffed duck), pork s…
Brazilian in Joinville


The most agreeable restaurant in Joinville is a convivial spot to sample regional specialties like marreco (stuffed garganey, a kind of small duck; R$119 for two). Wash it down with Zeit, the house chope (draft beer…
Bistro in Joinville

Santa Mistura

Part smart bistro, part emporium, Santa Mistura is a classy spot for Brazilian fusion fare (two courses R$38.90 to R$43.90) along with a handful of classic dishes (eg salted cod with potatoes, garlic and olive oil).