Joinville is not an attraction-heavy city – it's more about the pleasantness of the town itself and its German heritage. Mirante de Joinville, however, is worth a look for postcard-inspiring views across the city and the Baía da Babitonga.


Joinville has plenty of midrange business hotels – many steeped in German architecture and immigrant history – but unlike other historically European towns in the region, it's not as over-the-top as Blumenau or Gramado (RS). It's worth staying in a private room at Joinville Hostel & Pousada for the hospitality, even if you're not strapping a pack.


Visconde de Taunay is Joinville's gastronomic strip, lined with bars and restaurants. Hearty German fare features heavily on local menus.

Drinking & Nightlife

OPA Bier is Joinville's pride and joy and you'll find its homegrown suds at numerous venues around town, including a few shipping-container food truck parks and the excellent biergarten at Pórtico Opa Bier. True craft connoisseurs, however, should head to Mad Dwarf.