Every morning the Avenida Beira Mar along the length of the city beaches is closed to traffic from 5am to 8am to make space for runners and cyclists who come down in droves to exercise.


The central beach neighborhoods of Tambaú, Manaíra and Cabo Branco are the best areas to base yourself.


Most of Joäo Pessoa's best restaurants are located in Tambaú and Manaíra. In the evening it can difficult to find places to eat in the center.

Drinking & Nightlife

Nightlife in Tambaú is centered in the area near the Mercado de Artesanato on and around Rua Coração de Jesus as well as in the seafront kiosks, some of which offer live music.

The historic center has a lively nocturnal scene with some good bars and music venues attracting students, their teachers and an informal, arty crowd. It's safe to travel to the historic center by bus till late afternoon, but best to taxi back later.

Saturday Nights in Centro Histórico

Saturday night in João Pessoa's centro histórico is a big party day, kicking off with an open-air chorinho music session in Praça Rio Branco from around noon to 3pm, which sees many of Jampa's senior citizens donning their best threads and showing off their dance moves. The atmosphere is very laid back and friendly and visitors are welcome to join in regardless of their skills.