Discovering the natural park of the manatee, Baia da Traiçao, Paraiba, BR

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• Transfer to the village of Camurupim on the Sinibù river. • Visit to the "Paradise of the turtles". Located on a stretch of reef immortal to the sea from which you can spot dozens of turtles. • Stop at the beach of Barra di Mamanguape, deserted and kilometer, completely virgin and uninhabited. • Access to the mouth of the Mamanguape river to search for the presence of the manatee.
• Transfer to the village of Camurupim on the Sinibù river. Starting point of the excursion to the conservation area of the marine manate and mangrove forests, Camurupim is a tiny village Potiguara located on the banks of the Rio Sinibù, ecosystem of mangrove forests. From here, with small motor boats, we enter the spectacular interweaving of the mangroves to reach the mouth of the Sinibù river, where the view opens to the ocean and the endless sequence of deserted beaches. At the mouth of the Sinibù the inhabitants of the neighboring villages collect clams and other types of shellfish to sell them at the Baia da Traiçao market.        2.Visit to the "Paradise of the turtles"Our excursion heads towards the rocks that emerge from the sea at low tide that will give us the opportunity to anchor the small motor boat and climb on the rocks. Once we have passed the 2 meters of rock, thanks to a natural staircase, the marvelous scenery of the reef opens up before us, which cuts the ocean in two, on one side the sea is closed and protected, calm and transparent, on the other the waves  crashes on the reef making spectacular puffs. Once you have adjusted your eyes to the powerful light of the Equator we can begin to spot many turtles swimming in the waves; it is an extraordinary spectacle that testifies to how the nature, in this place, still uncontaminated.       3.Stop at the beach of Barra di Mamanguape The beach stretches for miles to the south in a sequence of endless dunes and crags, from this point to Cabedelo, the port of Joao Pessoa which is about 30 km. as the crow flies, there is only a small fishing village reachable only by a 35 km dirt road. Here the turtles de Pente routinely lay eggs and the whole area is part of the great reserve of barra de Mamanguape protected by the ministry of the environment. It is a wild place of a poignant beauty and climbing on top of the dunes Ilmpanorama opens to 360 ° on an extraordinary scenario. Returning to the beach, we can swim in the natural pool formed by rocks.           4.Access to the mouth of the Mamanguape river Until a few years ago the manatee was hunted with great ease and was much sought after both for the meat and for the fat from which oil was obtained, when the "Peixe Boi" project was included in the protection program, as the manatee is called here , developed a series of initiatives to give work to the fishermen who lived in the hunt for the mammal, so were born various activities related to tourism. Today in the area live five manatees and this is one of the few places where they can be observed in their natural habitat and with a little luck it is possible to sight it

What’s included

  • Tranfer by van to Camurupim
  • boat tour
  • guide

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  • food and drinks