Top Choice Seafood in Jericoacoara

Peixe Brasileiro

Just a few tables in the sand alley where local fisherman grill fresh catch nightly. Pick your dinner by size from the family's peixaria next door: pargo (red snapper), garoupa (grouper), robalo (sea bass), shrimp a…
Ice Cream in Jericoacoara

Gelato & Grano

If there's one thing you'll eventually pine for in this heat, it's ice cream. This wildly popular, farmhouse-chic gelato shop on the main square serves up 20 flavors and is constantly swarmed by sweet-toothed vacati…
Pizza in Jericoacoara

Pizzaria Araxá

This intimate Italian-owned pizzeria inside a well-to-do pousada produces Jeri's best pie. All the classics are represented (margherita, marinara etc) as well as white pizzas and, perhaps disappointingly, a few Braz…
Brazilian in Jericoacoara


The most creative dining experience in Jeri is romantically lit under the shadow of a giant tamarind tree. Nearly everything is cooked in the brick oven, which is the norm for pizza, but not for exquisite gems such …
Brazilian in Jericoacoara

Bistro Caiçara

This main-street newcomer has been a real crowd-pleaser for Chef Apolinário's more-creative-than-most seafood: robalo in soy, ginger and honey; passion-fruit or cashew-fruit sauces; sweet and spicy octopus etc. Serv…
Buffet in Jericoacoara

Club Ventos

Soak up the spectacular views from the cashew-tree-shaded oceanfront terrace at Jericoacoara's best por kilo eatery, then settle into a lounge chair and catch some rays for the rest of the afternoon. An excellent se…
Sushi in Jericoacoara


This is Jeri's go-to sushi spot, serving up mostly tuna, salmon, white fish, octopus, shrimp and sea bass, which is a few more varieties than you usually see outside São Paulo. It will fulfill your craving at any ra…
International in Jericoacoara

Pimenta Verde

This delightful little corner restaurant, with only a few tables, pumps out memorable cuisine, from octopus Provençal (best dish in Jeri?) to a divine green-peppercorn filet and perfectly creamy seafood risotto. Cut…
Bakery in Jericoacoara

Padaria Santo Antônio

A Jericoacoara classic, this bakery opens in the wee hours of the morning to provide coffee and freshly baked goods to party-goers on their way home.
Brazilian in Jericoacoara

Jeri Jú

This neat, family-run lunch spot is the best of the local economical eats specializing in pratos feitos (daily meal specials).