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4WD Truck & Buggy

The main form of transportation between Jeri and Jijoca is by 4WD passenger trucks (R$20 one way), known as D-20s, which leave whenever they fill with passengers – about every 30 minutes from 6am to 6pm. Departures are most frequent from 6am and 10am. In Jeri the departure point is in front of Padaria Jeripan on Rua São Francisco. In Jijoca D-20s meet your bus before scooping up more passengers around town.

Alternatively, a buggy costs around R$120 to R$150 for up to four people.

From Jijoca there are up to nine Fretcar buses to Fortaleza (R$35 to R$49, five to six hours) and up to five to Camocim (R$12 to R$15, 1½ to two hours).


Jericoacoara's airport, some 30km southeast of town outside the boundaries of the national park, now receives direct flights from São Paulo and Recife.

Collective transport in pickups from the airport into town costs R$75 to R$80 per passenger; a private transfer costs R$250.


Fretcar runs a service to Fortaleza (R$74 to R$97, six to seven hours), leaving at 6:15am, 2:55pm, 4:55pm and, the most comfortable, at 10:30pm. You travel by jardineira (open-sided 4WD truck) as far as Jijoca, then by bus. The trip begins at Fretcar's office on Rua São Francisco, across from Jeri Central hostel. Buy tickets at least one day in advance.

You can also travel to Fortaleza in the tour vans of companies such as Girafatur and Vitorino, which drop off at Fortaleza hotels (R$80 to R$100, five hours). Most accommodations can book these for you. The vans usually leave about 9am and some stop for 2½ hours at Lagoa Paraíso, near Jijoca, en route.

A private transfer to Fortaleza runs from R$500 to R$600.


If travelling to Jeri by car, it's best to leave your vehicle in Jijoca, where there are safe parking lots for R$20 per day; it's easy to damage vehicles on the trip to Jeri, and rental insurance is void in the sand. Even if you make it to Jeri, unauthorized vehicles are not permitted to circulate in the town. From Jijoca, get a D-20 or buggy on to Jeri.

To & From the Lençóis Maranhenses

Moving on westward toward the Parque Nacional dos Lençóis Maranhenses, there are several routes and combinations of vehicles for making the trip.

To reach the Lençóis with local transport take a regular Fretcar bus from Jijoca to Camocim (R$12.15, 1½ to 2¼ hours) and then the daily 3pm Expresso Guanabara ( bus from Camocim to Parnaíba (R$22, two hours).

It's necessary to spend the night in Parnaíba before taking the 5:30am bus to Tutóia (R$20, 2½ hours), from where there is a bus to Barreirinhas (R$16, two hours) at noon.

If you want to avoid the overnight stay it's also possible to take a night bus from Parnaíba to São Luís and then pick up a morning van or bus from to Barreirinhas, although it's a far longer trip.

It's far quicker to take a straight one-day transfer in a private vehicle from Jeri. Local tour operators get you there in seven to nine hours for around R$1000 to R$1200 per vehicle (up to four people) traveling to Camocim then along the highway to Barreirinhas.

Try Global Connection which offers regular shuttles and will fill unused seats with other travelers. They also sell a combination ticket from Jericoacoara to Barreirinhas using two local van services (R$260) but it requires an overnight stay in Parnaíba, which adds to the price.

Heading to Jeri from the Lençóis on local transport, it's usually necessary to spend the night in Camocim unless you fork out for a private transfer for the last leg to Jericoacoara.