The village’s sandy streets are wedged between a broad beach, a series of grassy hills and the majestic Pôr do Sol (Sunset) dune, a towering mountain of sand that affords one of South America’s most stunning sunsets. It is here each evening that Jeri’s allure climaxes: a crowd swells – drinks in hand from an enterprising local with a cocktail cart – at what is allegedly one of the world's few locations where you can see the rare phenomenon known as the ‘Emerald Sunset,’ when the tip of the setting sun turns bright green for the final instant before sliding below the horizon. Bring your camera. You'll need it regardless!

Jeri's famous twin lakes Lagoa do Paraiso and Lagoa Azul are really different sections of the same body of water. Famed for the hammocks strung in the translucent blue waters – one of the classic images of the Northeast – they are popular places to chill out over some drinks. The most common way to visit is part of a buggy tour but if you want to skip the rest of the circuit, the lakes are on the outskirts of Jijoca and regular D-20 trucks will drop you here on the run between the two towns. Make sure to organize your pick-up with the driver.

The lakes are lined with businesses that charge a fee to access the water and use their facilities; if you just want to bathe it's possible to walk to public access points but you won't find any infrastructure there.