The closest beach to town is Praia da Concha. Though not overly remarkable, it features the most services – beach cabanas serve drinks and food and rent lounge chairs – and calm waters ideal for those traveling with children.

The lovely coast south of Itacaré is characterized by rough surf, better for surfing than for swimming. Resende, Tiririca and Ribeira beaches are set in coves separated by rainforest-covered hills. Offering palm-tree shade and basic services, they're located within 1.5km of town – just follow the signs (and the parade of surfers.)

Slightly beyond these is the idyllic Prainha, reachable by trail from Praia do Ribeira, and further, the paradise-like Engenhoca, Havaizinho and Itacarezinho beaches, located 12km south of town.

Worth a Trip: Little Hawaii

Hawaizinho means 'Little Hawaii' in Portuguese – and it's just one of the paradise-like beaches south of Itacaré, which are popular destinations for intrepid surfers and sunbathers alike. Some of the following beaches are located within easy walking distance of the highway, while others require a hike through the woods.

You can reach the access points on any of the buses that make the regular trip between the bus stations of Itacaré and Ilhéus. Drivers are used to dropping people off: just make sure to advise the driver where you'd like to disembark, and be sure to bring your own food and water, as there's little infrastructure along this stretch.

The beaches listed below are ordered from north to south, starting after Itacaré and the beaches of Prainha and São José, located immediately to Itacaré's south.

  • Jeribucaçu Strong waves, plenty of shade and a few places to eat.
  • Engenhoca Popular with surfers. Has coconut-water and tapioca vendors.
  • Hawaizinho and Camboinha Reefs, strong waves. Accessible from the highway by the same path as Engenhoca.
  • Itacarezinho The longest beach in the area; sea-turtle mating ground. There's a bar-restaurant on the sand.