Top Choice Bahian in Ilhéus

Bar Vesúvio

This landmark bar and restaurant attracts Amado fans (two of the novelist's fictional protagonists met here) for moquecas (fish stews) and cold beer served at the outdoor tables facing the cathedral, which is beauti…
Top Choice Brazilian in Ilhéus


Once a cabaret frequented by cocoa tycoons (and one of the settings for Amado’s Gabriela), this colonial building was restored to its original brilliance in 2004. Now it serves as a restaurant and cultural center st…
Cafe in Ilhéus


Berimbau is stuck in the past, in the best sense of the phrase: the classic corner diner looks like the setting for a '60s-era Brazilian film. By morning, the café serves up coffee, sandwiches and pastries to the do…
Brazilian in Ilhéus


This casual and hugely popular restaurant has outdoor tables, inexpensive set lunches from feijoada (bean-and-meat stew) to peixe frito (fried fish), and a full menu with everything from steak to pizza. At night, Ba…
Cafe in Ilhéus

Grão Amado

This contemporary coffee shop offers delicious and beautifully presented pastries, cakes and crepes alongside a thorough coffee menu. It's perfect for breakfast or a late-afternoon snack at one of a few outdoor tabl…
in Ilhéus

Sabor do Sul

Dozens of different varieties of calzone and pizza, including one topped with fresh shrimp, are on offer at this downtown pizzeria that’s popular with locals.
Buffet in Ilhéus

Mestre Cuca

This popular spot spreads an excellent self-service lunch, and the airy dining room has partial sea views.
Hawker in Ilhéus


A stand serving sandwiches and fresh fruit juices at bayside tables.