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TAM and Gol can fly or connect you to anywhere in Brazil from Ilhéus’ Aeroporto Jorge Amado.


The long-distance bus station is located east of the center.

Rota ( buses go to Porto Seguro (R$54 to R$73, six hours, four daily), and Aguia Branca ( has buses to Salvador (R$76 to R$156, eight hours, five daily) making a long sweep around the Baía de Todos os Santos, recommended if you are stopping in the Recôncavo on the way. Note that the price varies according to the class of travel: the leito or semi-leito buses are considerably more comfortable than the convencional option. Another way to get to Salvador is to catch An Aguía Branca bus to Bom Despacho (R$51, 6½ hours, two daily), then catch a ferry across the bay.