Top things to do

Top Choice Thai in Ilhabela


Dine on the sands overlooking romantic, yacht-filled seas at Ilhabela's best gourmet restaurant, the domain of darling local chef Renata Vanzetto and her tropical take on Brazilianized Thai. Her best acts pilfer fro…
Italian in Ilhabela


Chef Fabio Piscioto hails from São Paulo’s most traditional Italian neighborhood and was destined to return to his pasta-making roots after 30 years as a graphic designer. Everyone raves about the simple, clean past…
Seafood in Ilhabela

Prainha do Julião

Hidden from the main road along the island’s southside is this upscale beach shack, firmly planted into the sands of Ilhabela's best easily-accessed beach, Julião. Creative seafood with actual vegetables are served …
Brazilian in Ilhabela

Cheiro Verde

The best place in Vila for a generous prato feito (plate of the day) with grilled meat or fish, plus rice, beans and salad, this simple but clean and airy place attracts tourists and locals alike. Each day’s menu aw…
Burgers in Ilhabela

O Borrachudo

In a colonial building right on Vila's waterfront, this relaxed cafe-bar proudly serves excellent burgers of all kinds (including ostrich and Guinness-soaked top sirloin), as well as other gourmet sandwiches and 30 …
Lounge in Ilhabela

Hippie Chic Beach Bar

With quietly thumping lounge music, hip-tropical decor and table service on the sand, the island's fanciest bar attracts rich Paulistas eager to show off this season's designer gear. Specialty cocktails are R$25 to …
Cafe in Ilhabela

Ponto das Letras

Extremely pleasant cafe and bookshop in the historic district, easily the island's best. It's not hard to figure out this is the domain of paradise's cultured species.
Buffet in Ilhabela


The island’s best por-kilo restaurant, set in a large and homey space across from the sands of Perequê.