Ilhabela restaurants

Top Choice Brazilian in Ilhabela

Restaurante Ilha Sul

On the island's south end, this award-winning seafooder is most famous for its top-end shrimp dishes, but you can't go wrong with anything you encounter on its pleasant, bamboo-strewn patio.
Top Choice Seafood in Ilhabela

Prainha do Julião

Hidden from the main road along the island’s southside is this upscale beach shack, firmly planted into the sands of one of Ilhabela's best and most easily-accessed beaches, Julião. Creative seafood with actual vege…
Top Choice Thai in Ilhabela


Dine on the sands overlooking romantic, yacht-filled seas at Ilhabela's best gourmet restaurant, the domain of darling local chef Renata Vanzetto and her tropical take on Brazilianized Thai. Her best acts pilfer fro…
Italian in Ilhabela


Chef Fabio Piscioto hails from São Paulo’s most traditional Italian neighborhood and was destined to return to his pasta-making roots after 30 years as a graphic designer, part of which was in Milan. The simple, cle…
Brazilian in Ilhabela

Cheiro Verde

The best place in Vila for a generous prato feito (plate of the day) with grilled meat or fish, plus rice, beans and salad. It's a simple but clean and airy place that attracts tourists and locals alike. Each day’s …
Buffet in Ilhabela


The island’s best por-kilo restaurant, set in a large and homey space across from the sands of Perequê.
Burgers in Ilhabela

Hamburgaria da Ilha

Ilhabela's best burger comes out of this walk-up carnivores haunt in Vila. It's a choose-your-own-adventure kind of place, but the standard combo is queijo prato (soft Brazilian cheese) with everything (bacon, lettu…
Brazilian in Ilhabela

Pimenta da Cheiro

The breezy waterfront patio at this local favorite from the same owners as Cheiro Verde in Vila is a splendid spot to take in R$31 executive lunches. The food – standard Brazilian seafood, meat and pasta preparation…
Supermarket in Ilhabela

Supermercado do Frade

In addition to being a well-stocked, centrally located supermarket for self-catering, Frade's bakery is a decent breakfast stop for early risers without café da manhã (breakfast) included in their rate. There's good…