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Getting There & Away

The 15-minute ferry trip between São Sebastião and Ilhabela runs 24 hours every 30 minutes from 5:30am to 10:30pm, and more or less hourly after that. Cars cost R$18.50 weekdays and R$27.70 on weekends, motorbikes cost R$9.20 weekdays and R$13.80 on weekends; pedestrians ride free. Returning to the mainland, you pay an environmental tax only (R$3.50 for motorbikes, R$7.50 for cars). The ferry arrives from the mainland in the Barra Velha neighborhood, which blends seamlessly with the town of Perequê just to the north. About 7km north lies the historic town of Vila.

Those with Brazilian credit cards can utilize the Hora Marcada online booking system to reserve a time slot and drastically reduce wait times – otherwise you'll have to suck it up and wait in the line (queue times can be checked on the Dersa website at