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Getting There & Away

Most boats from the mainland arrive at Vila do Abraão, the island's biggest town.

The quickest and most hassle-free way to reach the island from Rio is with a door-to-door shuttle service such as Easy Transfer. This will pick you up at any hostel, hotel or pousada in Rio and deliver you to the island (R$95, 3½ to 4½ hours), with a synchronized transfer from van to speedboat in the coastal town of Conceição de Jacareí. Easy Transfer offers a similar service to Ilha Grande from Paraty (R$85, 3½ hours).

Reaching the island via public transport is slightly cheaper but more complicated, as you have to choose from multiple routes and buy two separate tickets (one for the bus, one for the boat).

Costa Verde runs buses from Rio to the three ports where boats for Ilha Grande depart: Conceição de Jacareí (R$56, 2½ hours, four daily), Mangaratiba (R$39, 2½ hours, four daily) and Angra dos Reis (R$56, three hours, hourly).

The most frequent boat crossings are from Conceição de Jacareí, where speedboats (R$40, 20 minutes) and schooners (R$25, 50 minutes) leave every hour or two between 8:30am and 6pm, returning from Abraão between 8am and 5:30pm. From Angra dos Reis, similar service is available by speedboat (R$50, 30 minutes) and schooner (R$25, 80 minutes). Boat companies operating along one or both routes include Objetiva, Angra Flex, Doce Atitude and Água Viva.

More affordable but less frequent are the daily ferries to Ilha Grande operated by CCR Barcas, leaving from Angra dos Reis and Mangaratiba (R$17, 80 minutes from either port). Ferries depart Angra at 3:30pm weekdays and 1:30pm weekends, returning from Abraão at 10am daily. From Mangaratiba, ferries leave at 8am daily and 10pm Friday, returning from Abraão at 5:30pm daily. Extra ferries are sometimes added during high season; confirm locally before departure.

Angra is the most useful port for those traveling west from Ilha Grande. Colitur buses for Paraty (R$15, two hours, at least hourly from 6am to 11pm) leave Angra's bus station, 1.5km east of the boat docks.