Top things to do

Top Choice Brazilian in Ilha do Mel

Fim da Trilha

One of the island’s best restaurants is a definitive don't miss for its real deal spicy, Spain-indistinguishable paellas served – stop the presses! – in individual portions (R$41 to R$53), including a vegetarian opt…
Top Choice Seafood in Ilha do Mel

Mar e Sol

En route to the lighthouse, Mar e Sol serves spectacular fish, shrimp or crab moquecas (R$87 to R$125 for two), seafood risottos and cheaper daily specials in individual portions. Junior, the local pet parrot, offer…
Cafe in Ilha do Mel

Ilha do Mel Cafe

This charming blue house is on the path between Nova Brasília and Farol das Conchas. It offers charged wi-fi for non-paying customers (per hour R$3), average food, the island's best espresso (R$4.50), rooms for rent…
Lighthouse in Ilha do Mel

Farol das Conchas

Built in 1872 on orders from Dom Pedro II, this lighthouse stands picturesquely atop a hill at the island’s most easterly point. From here you have panoramic views of the island, the bay and the Serra do Mar. It’s a…
Seafood in Ilha do Mel

Praça de Alimentação

This beachside restaurant complex located south of Encantadas serves simple, fresh and cheap dishes for lunch, along with a dose of forró (popular music of the Northeast) til late on Friday and Saturday nights in su…
Cave in Ilha do Mel

Grutas das Encantadas

Legend has it that these small caves at the island’s southern tip are inhabited by beautiful mermaids who enchant all who come near. Signs clearly mark the way to the caves from Encantadas and Praia da Fora.
Fort in Ilha do Mel

Fortaleza de NS dos Prazeres

This picturesque fort, which dates to the 1760s, is a 3km hike from Nova Brasília via Praia da Fortaleza. Inspect the deserted fortress before climbing up to the lookout for an incredible vista of the bay.
Middle Eastern in Ilha do Mel


Yassir, a first generation Lebanese descendant threw down a couple of plastic tables in the sand and now churns out great shawarma, falafel, homemade burgers and – drum roll, please – banoffee pie!