Most of the hotels are clustered in the village of Nova Brasília, which occupies the isthmus linking the two ends of the island, and Vila do Farol, just east of Nova Brasilía. Prices are for the summer high season – book ahead for holidays and any November to March weekend. Expect discounts of 20% to 50% between April and October. Camping is available.


Encantadas is less charming than Nova Brasília, though it has more of a village ambiance. There is a party scene on the beach itself which has more infrastructure than other beaches, and the contrasting atmosphere is otherwise a quieter mashup of simpler residential abodes with vaguely hippy-dippy transients, campers and backpackers.


Fewer and farther between, accommodations around Fortaleza are effective for escaping the summer crowds. However, it’s a good one-hour, 3km hike from the Nova Brasília pier. Otherwise, catch a boat taxi, which charge R$20 per person if there is a group, but will sting you for R$50 if you're on your own.