Getting Around

Buses and minivans meet ferries arriving from Belém at Camará, Marajó island's main port. Each has a sign to its destination; simply look for the place you’re going to and get on. It’s R$8 to Joanes, Salvaterra or the Foz do Rio Camará ferry port, and R$11 to R$18 to Soure, including the barge across the river and drop-off at your hotel. (The full-sized buses don’t do hotel drop-offs, however.)

Moto-taxis are common in all three towns, and cost R$5 around town, R$5 to R$15 to outlying beaches, and R$30 between Joanes and Salvaterra.

Salvaterra and Soare are separated by the wide mouth of the Rio Paracauari; boats connect the two. Boats also go from Soare to the car-ferry pier (8km from Salvaterra, R$1) or you can hop on the ferry itself for free.