Japanese in Icaraí de Amontada

Espaço Gourmet

Who needs a menu? An honest-to-goodness Japazilian chef from São Paulo has slapped down less than five tables and cooks up what's fresh. That means anything from an insanely portioned chicken yakisoba (feeds at leas…
Brazilian in Icaraí de Amontada

Sabor Minas

It doesn't look like much from outside, but this little family-run restaurant offers outstanding value, with massive plates of tasty typical food from both the Northeast and the owner's home region of Minas Gerais. …
Brazilian in Icaraí de Amontada

Café Zapata

This pretty garden restaurant on a narrow street leading toward the far east end of the beach focuses on interesting pastas such as seafood puttanesca, and fish and lobster lasagna. It's all pretty good, and so are …