Top Choice Microbrewery in Gramado

Taberna MF

Yes, the 'MF' stands for 'Motherfucker' (we asked!). As if that's not reason enough to pop in, you'll find 50 taps of craft beer here – the most we have seen in Brazil – including a concentration of Belgian-style an…
Top Choice Craft Beer in Gramado

White Fly Pub

This 15-tap newcomer is run by a couple of welcoming young brewers who are often behind the bar. Their own brews, made in Porto Alegre, are great, and they put in a valiant effort to ring in craft beers from all ove…
Coffee in Gramado

Crema Coffee

This small coffeehouse right on the main drag takes caffeine a tad more seriously then elsewhere. Espresso (R$5) and other drinks are prepared by trained baristas and served alongside a chocolate brigadeiro made in …