Bicicletar Fortaleza's city bike-share scheme is free for the first hour (for 90 minutes on Sundays). After that, it's R$5 per hour. There are stations throughout the city including convenient locations on Av Beira Mar in Meireles and Mucuripe, Rui Barbosa close to Iracema and at Dragão do Mar.

You'll need to register (R$5 per day) on the website or with the app. There are a few choice locations along the beach.


Fortaleza has a very extensive city bus system with good frequency on most routes. Fares are mostly R$3.40 (R$2.80 on Sundays and holidays) and if you have to transfer at a Terminal de Integração (Integration Terminal), such as Papicu or Parangaba, you don't have to pay a second fare.


Taxis are metered. A 4km trip across town from the Centro Dragão do Mar to Varjota, for example, costs about R$15 to R$18.