Praia do Futuro

Beach in Fortaleza

A clean length of soft sand stretching 5km along Fortaleza’s east-facing coast, this is easily the best city beach, though it's far from most accommodations. It's lined by huge restaurants known as barracas, which serve seafood, beer and cocktails at tables on the sand, and attracts enormous crowds at weekends; fortunately the beach is long enough to accommodate everyone without being overcrowded.

The nicest part starts a couple of kilometers down from the industrial port at the north end. Unless you are a strong swimmer, beware of rough waves.

You can reach Praia do Futuro on the 49 Caça e Pesca bus running east on Av Monsenhor Tabosa, Av Historiador Raimundo Girão and Av Beira Mar. Or get a bus to Terminal Papicu then a Papicu/Praia do Futuro or Papicu/Caça e Pesca bus from there.