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The riverside villages of Maguarí and Jamaraquá have been hosting travelers the longest and have the most established accommodations, tours and other services. A third village, São Domingo, is at the entrance to the reserve and has modest tourist options as well.

ICMBio, a division of IBAMA and a federal environmental agency, oversees the reserve and has a base station in the São Domingo. Boats and buses entering the reserve stop to allow tourists to register, but there is no longer an entrance fee.

You can visit FLONA by bus from Santarém, or boat from Alter do Chão. Buses to Maguarí and Jamaraquá (R$9, two to three hours, 11am Monday to Saturday, 6:30am Sunday) depart from downtown Santarém. Return buses depart Jamaraquá at 4:30am and 6am Monday to Saturday, 4:30pm Sunday). The Sunday bus is air-conditioned.

You can get also get to FLONA by boat, leaving from Alter do Chão. Freelance boatmen do day trips for around R$100 per person, but it's a tiring three hours each way in a small motorized canoe, and does not include guide service. The tour agencies charge R$180 to R$200 per person, including a local guide and using faster and more comfortable motorboats. The agencies also do overnight trips to FLONA, sleeping on board a river boat.

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