Top Choice Beer in Blumenau


A festive parade kicks off nearly 20 days of folk music, dancing and beer drinking that ranks as the world's second-biggest German party after Munich. A smaller Sommerfest takes place in January.
Top Choice Cultural in Pirenópolis

Festa do Divino Espírito Santo

Pirenópolis is famous for performing the story of Festa do Divino Espírito Santo, a tradition begun in 1818 and more popularly known as As Cavalhadas. Starting 50 days after Easter, for three days the town looks lik…
Top Choice Music in Diamantina


This long-standing Diamantina tradition of evening serenades is held two Saturdays per month in season. At 8pm on Vesperata night, dozens of local musicians parade into the small triangular praça at the northern end…
Top Choice Cultural in Amazonas

Boi-Bumbá Festival

Tens of thousands of people descend on Parantins on the last weekend of June for the Boi-Bumbá festival, an Amazonian version of the Northeast’s Bumba Meu Boi, and one of the Amazon’s largest parties. The festival c…
Top Choice Food & Drink in Belo Horizonte

Comida di Buteco Festival

Visiting between mid-April and mid-May? Don't miss the Comida di Buteco festival, during which hundreds of butecos (neighborhood bars) compete to see who makes the best bar food. Members of the general public cast v…
Top Choice Cultural in Ouro Preto


Thanks in part to Ouro Preto's huge student population, Carnaval here is boisterous and fun. The town government hosts free live music on multiple stages in the historic center, while dozens of blocos (drumming and …
Top Choice Carnaval in Corumbá


One of Brazil's biggest and best Carnaval celebrations really makes this hot, sleepy backwater come to life. The tradition was imported by naval officers, many from Rio, who found themselves stationed here and felt …
Top Choice Hot Air Ballooning in Torres

Festival Internacional de Balonismo

Every April Torres hosts a hot-air balloon festival, a spectacular sight.
Carnaval in Recife


Recife holds one of Brazil’s most colorful and folkloric Carnavals. Groups and spectators deck themselves out in elaborate costumes such as maracatu (headpieced warrior), harlequin, bull and frevo (crop tops with ru…
Cultural in Salvador


Salvador’s Carnaval is Brazil's second largest and, for many, the best. It’s characterized by parades of axé and pagode bands atop creeping trios electricos (long trucks loaded with huge speakers). A trio or drum co…