Top Choice Live Music in João Pessoa

Bolero at Sunset

Almost every Brazilian tourist in João Pessoa heads to the north of the city to Cabodelo (10km from Tambaú) for sunset to see saxophonist Jurandy play Ravel’s Bolero while being paddled up and down the Rio Paraíba i…
Top Choice Live Music in Copacabana & Leme

Bip Bip

For years Bip Bip has been one of the city's favorite spots to catch a live roda de samba (informal samba played around a table), despite it being just a storefront with a few battered tables. As the evening progres…
Top Choice Live Music in Alter do Chão

Epaço Alter do Chão

There's always something worth seeing at this cool music-culture-restaurant space at the east end of the waterfront promenade. There's live carimbó most Saturday nights, and guest bands play rock, forró, samba, regg…
Top Choice Live Music in Salvador

Jam no MAM

Saturday-evening jazz and bossa nova at MAM (Museu de Arte Moderna) is a must for music lovers. Go early to see the museum first and catch the views at sunset. Though the venue is located within walking distance of …
Top Choice Live Music in Ipanema & Leblon

Vinícius Show Bar

Billing itself as the 'temple of bossa nova,' this place has been an icon in the neighborhood since 1989. The intimate space makes a fine setting to listen to first-rate bossa nova, and occasional Música Popular Bra…
Top Choice Live Music in Manaus

Porão do Alemão

Located on Estrada de Ponta Negra, this longtime bar-club features Brazilian and international rock and pop, and has a safe lively scene popular with tourists and locals alike. VIP area upstairs (R$40).
Live Music in Botafogo & Urca

Olho da Rua

This multifunctional space hosts a wide range of live music and theatrical performances, DJ sets and other cultural and community events such as art exhibitions and yoga classes. In addition to the event space, ther…
Live Music in Zona Norte

Renascença Clube

For an authentic slice of Rio, head to one of the massive open-air samba parties that happen several times a week in Andaraí. The set-up is simple: a handful of musicians gathered around a table playing samba, while…
Jazz in Santa Teresa & Lapa


Not for lazy ears, this avant-garde jazz house, a little hidden gem among the sonic cognoscenti, is unique in Rio for its serious approach to performances. Run by an Australian ethnomusicologist, it sits in a shadie…
Live Music in Santa Teresa & Lapa

Beco do Rato

One of Lapa's classic bohemian spots, this tiny bar has excellent live groups playing to a samba-loving crowd. The outdoor seating and informal setting are an unbeatable mix. Marcio, the friendly owner, hails from M…