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5-hour Artistic Town of Embu das Artes

Get away from Sao Paulo’s bustle visiting the charming colonial & historical town of “Embu das Artes” 40 min from São Paulo main hotel area. Explore the art galleries, artisan shops, handicraft stalls and gastronomic delights in the company of a private tour guide.
The Embu is known for its weekly arts and crafts fairs. The fair and shops offer a broad range of paintings, home decorative objects, wood carvings, ceramics, religious goods, furniture, folk arts, art galleries, gems, old coins and bank notes, tchotchkes, puppies, board games, porcelains, sculptures, baskets, lace, jewelry, tools, etc... The selection is outstanding and very reasonably priced. It’s lined up in the main square & radiating streets lots of cozy cafés and a myriad of eateries where you can dine on lunch and sample delicious Brazilian typical dishes & desserts. Take the chance to visit this lovely town & get to know about the luster that make it reference when it comes to artistic expression of all kinds.
5 hours
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Sao Paulo to Embu das Artes Private Half-Day Tour

Visit the artist enclave of Embu das Artes on a half-day trip from São Paulo. Explore the art galleries, artisan shops and handicraft stalls in this lovely historical town with a local, private guide. As you walk around downtown, you’ll see the colonial church, chat with shop owners and dine on lunch. This tour takes you about one hour from São Paulo by private vehicle and allows you to choose from a selection of local restaurants!
4 hours
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Private Embu das Artes - City of Art Tour

If you are an art enthusiast, or if you just have a strong curiosity in that field, then you won’t regret booking an Embu das Artes tour! The very small town of Embu might fool you at first glance, regarding the wonders that it holds. If you are willing to take a closer look, however, you will find that this humble and historical place just 30 minutes away from São Paulo holds treasures you wouldn’t find absolutely anywhere else. Handmade, top quality art in its many shapes and forms, and all with a traditional touch of Brazilian culture. The 4 hours of touring through the famed Brazilian City of Art will provide you with a density of art and culture unlike any other place in São Paulo. The many galleries and the occasional street fair of art are sought by our art-loving customers, as well as the presence of a professional Personal Tour guide to make their visit that much more fulfilling! Come see this unique, fascinating place where history meets artistry and style!
4 hours