Not so much a meal as a journey, Manoella Buffara is Curitiba's hottest chef and her pedigree backs up her impressive menus, which come in three tasting versions in three price ranges nightly and rely heavily on regional farm cooperatives and the restaurant's own organic nursery.

"Manu" – short for Manoella – counts stints in two of the world's most famous kitchens, Noma (Copenhagen) and Alinea (Chicago), as inspiration and impetus behind her ever-evolving dishes, which often get unorthodox pairings with outside-the-box wines (São Paulo's Guaspari Syrah, for example). This is the South's only spot where gourmands can gather and gaggle over subtle culinary feats, a two-star Michelin-quality equivalent for a lot less than €300! Reservations essential.