Local buses run on an integrated scheme called SIM – Sistema Integrado de Mobilidade. Buses leave from the TICEN terminal, one block east of Florianópolis’ long-distance bus station. Connections to the island’s beaches are made via three outlying terminals: TIRIO (Rio Tavares Terminal), TILAG (Lagoa da Conceição Terminal) and TICAN (Canasvieiras Terminal).

For southern beaches, including Armação, Pântano do Sul and Costa de Dentro, catch bus 410 ‘Rio Tavares’ (Platform B), then transfer at TIRIO to bus 563.

For eastern beaches, catch bus 330 ‘Lagoa da Conceição’ (Platform A), then transfer at TILAG for a second bus to your final destination, for example bus 360 to Barra da Lagoa.

For Canasvieiras and northern beaches, catch bus 210 'Canasvieiras Direto' (Platform B) from TICEN to TICAN.

A single fare of R$4.20 (paid at the TICEN ticket booth) covers your initial ride plus one transfer.

Floripanoponto (www.floripanoponto.com.br) is a handy trip planner. It's available both online and as an app (Android/iOS).


You won't regret renting a car for easier exploration of the island’s beaches. Inova is a dependable local option. Beware that traffic can be exasperating on weekends.