Top Choice Brazilian in Jericoacoara

Bistro Caiçara

Right in the center of town, this place is a real crowd-pleaser for Chef Apolinário's more-creative-than-most menu which includes plenty of seafood: robalo (sea bass) in soy, ginger and honey; fish in passion-fruit …
Top Choice Ice Cream in Fortaleza

50 Sabores

One of Brazil's most famous ice cream shops, though with a terribly misleading name: there are actually 150 flavors here, including caipirinha (made with cachaça sugarcane liquor – you must be 18 to purchase!) and b…
Seafood in Jericoacoara

Peixe Brasileiro

Just a few plastic tables in the sand alley where local fishermen grill fresh catch nightly. Pick your dinner by size from the family's peixaria (fishmonger) next door: pargo (red snapper), garoupa (grouper), robalo…
French in Paracuru

Formula 1

At first this unpretentious bar-restaurant on a corner above the beach seems like any one of thousands in the Northeast. But then you get the menu and realize you've slipped into a parallel dimension where escargots…
Japanese in Icaraí de Amontada

Espaço Gourmet

Who needs a menu? An honest-to-goodness Japazilian chef from São Paulo has slapped down less than five tables and cooks up what's fresh. That means anything from an insanely portioned chicken yakisoba (feeds at leas…
Brazilian in Jericoacoara


Jeri's most creative dining experience is romantically lit under the shadow of a giant tamarind tree. Nearly everything's cooked in the brick oven, which may be the norm for pizza, but not for exquisite gems such as…
Cafe in Fortaleza

Santa Clara Café Orgânico

Santa Clara is one of the city’s happening pontos de encontros;loosely translated, this means where hot people go to mingle (and cool down in the icy air-con). It’s a wonderful little cafe on an upper level of Dragã…
Grill in Fortaleza

Cantinho do Frango

Hugely popular with local families, this grill restaurant has a fabulous main dining room covered in old movie posters; it houses a collection of hundreds of LPs – pick one out and hand it to the ageing DJ to hear y…
International in Jericoacoara

Pimenta Verde

This delightful little corner restaurant with only a few tables pumps out memorable cuisine, from octopus Provençal (best dish in Jeri?) to a divine green-peppercorn filet and perfectly creamy seafood risotto. Cute …
Ice Cream in Fortaleza

50 Sabores

Mucuripe branch of the popular ice cream shop; there's another one by the beach in Meireles.