Top things to do in Carolina

National Park in Carolina

Parque Nacional da Chapada das Mesas

One of Brazil's newest national parks, Parque Nacional da Chapada das Mesas is renowned for its dramatic flat-topped rocky bluffs (the mesas, or tables, of its name); it also boasts many beautiful waterfalls, canyon…
Natural Pool in Carolina

Poço Azul

Near the small town of Riachão, this complex boasts two of the most impressive attractions in the region on one property. Poço Azul is a translucent blue swimming hole surrounded by forest, while the immense 70m-hig…
Brazilian in Carolina

Espaço Gourmet

While it looks unassuming, this great place just off the plaza does a bit of everything and does it very well. The diverse menu includes pasta, crepes, pizza and grilled salmon alongside local specialities such as M…
Brazilian in Carolina

Chega Mais

With a great deck overlooking the Rio Toncantins and a series of plateaus in the distance, this popular restaurant is a great place for a late-evening drink followed by a meal. Plates are tasty and there is often li…
Brazilian in Carolina


A good option for well-prepared Brazilian meals, this air-conditioned restaurant offers a diverse buffet during the day while in the evening there is a range of good-value individual meals on the menu.
Natural Pool in Carolina

Encanto Azul

One of two blue swimming holes in the area, Encanto Azul is surrounded by rock walls at the base of a canyon. It's best visited early when the light ensures the blue waters are at their most brilliant.
Brazilian in Carolina

Restaurante do Evaldo

A popular and reliable buffet restaurant in the center of town with a good selection of dishes including grill options.
Pizza in Carolina

Tio Pepe Pizzaria

In the middle of the plaza, this open-air place serves good pizzas plus burgers and sandwiches.