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Roadtrip to the Waterfall

Want to see something different in Medellin?  Explore with this roadtrip some off the beaten path areas of Antioquia department, close to Medellín city. Lets go to the north 2 hours away from Medellín in the mountains to visit Guadalupe waterfalls, and the less visited Carolina Colonial style town.  -This is a one day trip in private transport with a driver and a tour guide -Small group format -We are only local indenpendent tourim guides from the city!  -Try something less visited close to Medellín. -Spend a day in the nature -Enjoy this incredible canyon and waterfall -Lets try local food, entrace to the Guadalupe waterfal, walking tour in Carolina Town, and insurance.
8 hours
Food, Wine & Nightlife

Enjoy a Locally Sourced Organic Meal in a Relaxing Home in Rural Pucón

Fueled by both traditional Chilean cooking techniques and her own creativity and curiosity, your host Carolina’s cooking style is a modern twist on classic Chilean cuisine and is informed seasonally by what is currently growing in her garden. The meal is a mix of cultures where Chilean recipes combine with French cuisine, and are made with locally grown ingredients. Your meal might begin with an appetizer like Carolina's homemade bread with chancho en piedra (typical Chilean salsa) or caramelized native mushrooms called changle, followed by an organic plum-stuffed chicken, roasted potatoes from Carolina’s garden, savory stews or soups made with beans or lentils, omelets with chard, potato or zucchini gratin. Assorted greens and edible flowers cultivated in their own garden make fresh, verdant salads. For dessert, she might serve mote con huesillos (a typical summer drink made with stewed dried peaches and a South American grain called mote) or a French tarte.
2 hours