Canoa Quebrada restaurants

Argentine in Canoa Quebrada

El Argentino

At the east end of Broadway with picture windows looking down to the beach, El Argentino is the best spot for grilled meats, all of which are served with the excellent house chimichurri (Argentine herb sauce). The g…
Seafood in Canoa Quebrada

Lazy Days

At the eastern end of the beach, Lazy Days is the best of the beach barracas (food stalls) that rub up against Canoa’s picturesque red cliffs. There are excellent fish plates, pastas and steaks alongside some lighte…
Italian in Canoa Quebrada

Mezza Luna

The most romantic dining option in Canoa, Mezza Luna is down a small alley off Broadway that opens out onto a lovely sand-floored garden with tables dotted among the plants; meals are accompanied by soft jazz and bo…
Brazilian in Canoa Quebrada


If you're not interested in the plethora of foreign-owned restaurants in town, give your money to this Brazilian spot, a solid bet for local foods such as peixadas and caldeiradas (both are types of local seafood st…
Portuguese in Canoa Quebrada

Adega dos Portugueses

A popular new entry to the dining scene, this unassuming open-air Portuguese-owned place on the main strip serves top seafood dishes including seven types of bacalhau (dried salted cod) as well as some good squid di…
Bakery in Canoa Quebrada

La Torinese

Near the beginning of Broadway, this Italian-run bakery serves Canoa's best espresso and does a perfect little variety of early-rise, baked-in-house breakfast pastries (guava croissants!), along with decadent, profi…
Pizza in Canoa Quebrada

Bar Evolução

Great little Italian-run place serving up thin-crust, wood-oven pizzas with farm-fresh mozzarella and quality pasta dishes in an atmospheric open-air eatery.
Italian in Canoa Quebrada

Vai da Certo

This popular Italian place at the end of Broadway claims to procure most of its ingredients from Italy but the cheese that accompanies the pasta gives us serious doubts. Nevertheless the meals are tasty enough altho…