Top Choice Churrascaria in Campo Grande

Gaucho Gastão

On weekends in particular, this family-run churrascaria heaves with local families while the waiters are a whirlwind of skewers featuring succulent cuts of beef and pork, chicken hearts, grilled pineapple and all th…
Top Choice Seafood in Campo Grande

Casa do Peixe

This place rightfully deserves its reputation as the best peixaria (fish restaurant) in town, with a superior buffet accompanying the hearty mains. The rodízio is an awesome way to acquaint yourself with pintado, pa…
Brazilian in Campo Grande

Varandas do Pantanal

At this very local spot, homesick Corumbá transplants gather for true Pantaneiro cuisine. Standout dishes include sarrabulho (a hearty stew made with hearts, kidneys and liver) and arroz pantaneiro (rice cooked with…
Mexican in Campo Grande


The owners have opted for an uber-Mexican theme (think primary colors and psychedelic cacti) and decided to run with it a few miles. Luckily, the dishes (chalupas, tacos, enchiladas, alambres, ceviche...) are all re…
Brazilian in Campo Grande

Fogo Caipira

The best dishes at this regional institution require an advance order, such as the galinhada (chicken stew, six hours, R$61) or pacu recheado (a tasty fish stuffed with manioc and spices, three hours, R$65). It’s pr…
Italian in Campo Grande

Cantina Romana

Shock-value old school Italian cantina and pizzeria, going strong since 1978. Attentive service, mega portions and authentic surroundings to indulge yourself in. We're big fans of their gnocchi alla siciliana. If yo…
Buffet in Campo Grande

Galpão Gaucho

If you like the all-you-can-eat experience but don’t have a wallet as big as your stomach, give this central cheapie a go. It has the added bonus of being open on a Sunday, too.
Seafood in Campo Grande


One of the city’s best peixarias (fish restaurants). The pintado in a tomato stew with banana mandioca (cassava) incites tears of culinary joy.
Buffet in Campo Grande

Restaurante da Gaucha

Handy cheapie right near several central hotels, a backpacker favorite due to its rock-bottom prices and all-you-can-gobble, delicious buffet dishes.
Contemporary in Campo Grande

Casa Colonial

The walk-in wine cellar is the first thing that catches your eye when you enter this sophisticated bar-restaurant, which oozes medieval romance.