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Getting There & Away

The tiny bus station is right in town, though rarely staffed. Citral offers one bus from Porto Alegre for Cambará do Sul (R$47.15, 5½ hours) at 6am Monday to Saturday. Returning, you must catch a 7am or 1:30pm bus to São Francisco de Paula (R$19.45, one hour) and switch there for Porto Alegre (from R$29.80, three hours), Canela (from R$10.45, one hour) or Gramado (from R$11.85, one hour).

Expresso São Marcos has two buses going to Caxias do Sul (from R$32.55, three hours, 7:30am and 10:45am) on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (10:45am only on Thursday, 7:30am only on Saturday, 5:30pm only on Sunday), where you can connect hourly to Bento Gonçalves (R$9.70, 1¼ hours) with Ozelame. If you are coming from the north, you can connect from Torres via Tainhas or via Criciúma.

For Praia Grande (SC), at the bottom of the canyons, there is one departure per day Monday to Saturday (R$13.72, 1½ hours, 9:45am).