The key point for the city's complex series of bus routes, run by DFTrans (www.dftrans.df.gov.br), is the central local bus station, Rodoviária Plano Piloto.

Bus journeys in the city cost R$2.50, R$3.50 or R$5 for longer routes.

If you can navigate the Portuguese, the DFTrans website is useful for figuring out the confusing maze of routes from the local bus station.

Car & Motorcycle

Driving in Brasília is relatively easy and can be a good way to get around. There are several car rental companies at the airport, and some in town. Localiza has an office close to the northern hotel hub. Parking around town is mostly free.


The Metrô DF is clean and comfortable. It only covers the south side of the city but is useful for access to restaurants and bars in the Asa Sul as well as to the intercity bus station (stop: Shopping). It runs from the city bus station to the huge suburbs of Ceilândia and Samambaia, with a predictably named station (102 Sul, 104 Sul, etc) every two blocks or so from the central station.

Metrô expansion projects to the airport and the entirety of Asa Norte – a game-changing proposition for city transport – as well as a light rail network (South America's first modern tramway) remain in various stages of longer-term planning and implementation.


You'll need Uber or a taxi number with you in Brasília. Street cabs are as scarce as snow in the superquadras.

Uber works well, with lots of vehicles and low fares.

With Unitaxi and several other operators, you are entitled to a 30% discount off the meter if you call (not always announced to foreigners). Remind both the dispatcher and the driver: 'Com o desconto, por favor.' You can also download their app.