Accessible Travel

Brasília's profusion of modern buildings means that it is one of the country's better places for accessibility.

The website has user accessibility reviews in various categories for hundreds of locations in the city.

Dangers & Annoyances

  • Brasília is much safer than Brazil's large coastal cities, but it's still wise to not walk far at night.
  • Crossing the central Eixo Monumental at night is a particularly bad idea.
  • Be wary of pickpockets at the crowded local bus station.

Embassies & Consulates

Brasília has a large chunk of real estate devoted to embassies and consulates, most located between Quadras 801 and 810 in the Setor de Embaixadas Sul (Embassy Sector South).

Emergency & Important Numbers

Brazil's country code55
International access code00

Internet Access

All accommodations and most restaurants and bars have free wi-fi access for customers.

Buying a local SIM card and signing up for data is the easiest way to get online.

LGBT Travellers

Brasília is one of the most LGBT+-friendly cities in Brazil, though public affection is still a rare sight. There's quite an active nightlife scene: check out or for listings. Victoria Haus is a key focal point.


There are banks with moneychanging facilities in the Setor Bancário Sul (SBS; Banking Sector South) and Setor Bancário Norte (SBN; Banking Sector North). Both sectors are close to the city bus station. All the major malls, bus stations and the airport have a variety of ATMs, most with Cirrus/MasterCard/Visa networking, but you should avoid using free-standing machines due to rampant card-cloning in Brazil.

Opening Hours

Banks 11am–4pm Monday to Friday

Restaurants noon–3pm & 7:30–11pm

Bars 11am–1am

Nightclubs 10pm–4am

Shops 9am–6pm or later


Correios There are numerous other branches around town.

Tourist Information

The city's two most helpful tourist information booths are on the Praça de Três Poderes and at the airport:


CAT Aeroporto

Travel with Children

Brasília is child-friendly as far as facilities go, but it's not easy to navigate with small children. Gazing at modern architecture might not be up most kids' streets either.

Brasília's major shopping centers are havens for frazzled parents, with all-hours food courts, play areas, change facilities and sometimes even entertainment laid on for children.

The Na Praia complex, open winter only, has play areas and a dedicated children's beach.