Brazilians may say that Brasília is boring, but foodies flock here with abandon – the capital has one of the highest concentrations of starred restaurants in the country. Rather than there being a concentrated central food strip, restaurants are found out in the superquadras, in the commercial streets between blocks. Shopping centers are other eating hubs.

Where to Eat

The best restaurant selections are in the Asa Sul, around SCLS 209/210, 409/410 and 411/412, which forms a sort of ‘gourmet triangle’ (it is also home to some of the city’s most lively nightlife). Another good selection of restaurants is clustered in SCLS 405 and SCLN 412/413.

Elsewhere, Brazilians in need of sustenance head to the shopping malls. Three centrally located oases – Brasília Shopping, Pátio Brasil and Conjunto Nacional – all have food courts with enough variety to cater to most tastes.