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Border Crossings

To & From Peru

Access to Peru is through the village of Assis Brasil, 110km west of Brasiléia. Once an adventure route, the road is now paved and has daily bus services. Complete Brazilian immigration procedures in Brasiléia, and Peruvian immigration at the border town of Iñapari.

To & From Cobija, Bolivia

You are free to cross back and forth between Cobija and Brasiléia without passing through immigration, provided you’re going for a short period. If you plan to continue inland, or stay longer than a couple of days, you ought to clear immigration officially.

A bridge over the Igarapé Bahia connects Epitaciolândia to Cobija, and is the official border crossing, with immigration offices for both countries nearby. A smaller, more convenient bridge spans the Rio Acre, making it possible to walk from one downtown to the other in just a few minutes. The smaller bridge – which is dedicated to Wilson Pinheiro, a rubber-tapper union president and friend of Chico Mendes who was assassinated in July 1980 – is at the end of Av Prefeito R Moriera; there is a customs post there, but no immigration officers.

Bolivian immigration faces Cobija's main plaza. There's also a checkpoint on the main international bridge, which is open round the clock. In Brazil, the Polícia Federal handle immigration procedures; the office is in Epitaciolândia, just across the main international bridge. In Cobija, the Brazilian consulate is a half-block from the main plaza, on Av General Rene Barrientos, next to the Banco Mercantil de Bolivia.