Getting There & Away

Cruzeiro do Sul is the only bus company that serves Bonito. For Foz do Iguaçu you can either head to Campo Grande and catch a direct bus from there or get a direct minibus transfer from Bonito.

Getting Around

Many of Bonito’s attractions are a fair hike from town, and there’s no public transport. Some guesthouses lend their guests bicycles, or you can rent a decent mountain bike along the main street for around R$30/day. Hotels often provide transport, but not always. If you find yourself looking for transport, try the local shuttle service, Vanzella, which will take you to any excursion provided there is a minimum of four people.

If you are part of a group, it might end up being more economical to hire a taxi for the full day (R$80 to R$180 depending on the distance) from any Ponto de Táxi. If you are on your own take your friendly neighborhood moto-taxi: to the Rio Sucuri (38km round-trip) and Gruta do Lago Azul (38km round-trip) costs R$56; to Abismo Anhumas (41km round-trip) costs R$60; to Rio da Prata (100km round-trip) costs R$120; and to Boca da Onça (120km round-trip) R$140. The drivers can either wait around or come back for you.