There are few things to do around town, although the surrounding area has become more accessible now that more and more places are renting bicycles. For most activities, a guided tour is mandatory.

It’s Clear to See: Bonito Is Beautiful

If you've never tried freshwater snorkeling in Bonito (or Bom Jardim) before, it's a remarkable experience. You peer at the curious fish surrounding you, the tiny fish nibbling on your skin, marvel at how you can make out the detail of every dead leaf lining the bottom of the river in HD clarity, or suck in your belly as the current carries you over the obstacle course of dead tree trunks. But how did this happy accident of nature happen? The river waters spring from subterranean sources in a limestone base (almost entirely free of clay), which releases calcium carbonate into the water. The calcium carbonate calcifies all impurities in the water, which then sink to the riverbed (this is the reason you’re asked to stay afloat and not touch the bottom during river tours). The result is an area filled with natural aquariums surrounded by lush forest – a beautiful environment in which to study the abundant and fascinating fish of the rivers and streams.