Daily Costs

Budget: less than R$200

  • dorm bed: R$40–60
  • sandwich and drink in a juice bar: R$14–20
  • long-distance buses: R$15 per hour of travel

Midrange: R$200–400

  • Standard double room in a hotel: R$160–300
  • Dinner for two in a mid-range restaurant: R$80–160
  • Jungle trip: R$250 per day
  • Admission to night clubs and live music venues: R$20–50
  • One-way flight from Rio to Salvador/Iguaçu/Manaus: from R$450/500/510

Top end: over R$400

  • Boutique hotel: R$500–800
  • Upscale jungle lodges outside Manaus: per night R$500–1000
  • Dinner for two at top restaurants: R$200–400