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The airport is 3.5km northwest of the city center.

Frequent promotions mean flying is often only slightly more expensive than the bus. There was no direct air service from Boa Vista to Guyana or Suriname at the time of research; connect through Belém instead.

Azul Flights to/from Manaus.

GOL Flights to/from Manaus, Belém and Brasília.

LATAM Flights to/from Manaus and Brasília.


The bus station is 2.5km southwest of the center.

Eucatur and Amatur both have multiple daily buses to Manaus (R$170 to R$230, 10 to 12 hours).

Border Crossings

To Guyana

Amatur has daily buses to Bonfim on the Guyana border (R$25, 1½ hours, four daily). From there, you cross the border to Lethem and catch a bus to Georgetown (R$125 from Boa Vista, 15 to 16 hours, five daily).

To Venezuela

If you're traveling onward to Venezuela, you need to first get to the Brazilian border town of Pacaraíma; from the bus station, there's one daily bus (R$28, 3½ hours, 7am) and numerous collective taxis (R$42, 2½ hours). You'll need a Venezuelan tourist card to enter the country.