Dangers & Annoyances

There are more-dangerous places in the world than Belo Horizonte, but as in any big city, you should remain alert for petty theft, especially near the bus station.


Internet Access

Wi-fi is widely available at hotels, restaurants and bars, and at hot spots provided by Belo Horizonte's city government in parks and other public spaces.


Banks with ATMs are clustered downtown between Praça Sete and Parque Municipal, and along Av do Contorno in Savassi.


Main Post Office There’s another branch at the bus station.

Tourist Information

Belo Horizonte's municipal tourist bureau, Belotur (www.belohorizonte.mg.gov.br), is among the best in Brazil. Several branches are located around town.

Alô Turismo Belotur's tourist-inquiry hotline.

Belotur Mercado Central On the ground floor of Belo's famous indoor market.

Belotur Pampulha Lakeshore On the lakeshore in the northern suburb of Pampulha.

Belotur Rodoviária On the main floor of the bus station, near the entrance.

Centro de Informação Circuito Cultural Information center for the museums and other cultural attractions surrounding Praça da Liberdade.