Dangers & Annoyances

Pickpocketing is a problem in Mercado Ver-o-Peso and the Comercio districts, although a recently increased police presence in the former has improved things a little. Take care during the day and avoid both at night. Take a cab if you're returning late from bars or the movies.

Police In the Estação das Docas complex by the river.

Tourist Police (CIPTUR) City center police station.

Tourist Police (CIPTUR) Another riverside police station.


Laundromat Next-day service.

Lav & Lev Drop-off service costs R$15 per wash cycle (7kg max), R$15 per dry cycle (some loads may require more than one) plus a R$15 service charge. For R$25 more, they'll pick up and drop off at your hotel.


Bradesco Bank with foreign exchange services.

Estação das Docas Numerous ATMs in a secure setting.

Turvicam There's a foreign exchange desk out the back of this travel agency.


Tourist Information

SETUR A reasonably helpful branch office of the state tourism department.