Top things to do in Beaches Northwest of Fortaleza

French in Paracuru

Formula 1

At first this unpretentious bar-restaurant on a corner above the beach seems like any one of thousands in the Northeast. But then you get the menu and realize you've slipped into a parallel dimension where escargots…
Beach in Lagoinha

Praia da Lagoinha

A wonderful long stretch of compact sand, Lagoinha's beach sits down below the town and is backed by a tree-covered escarpment which makes it feel more remote. The eastern end, where the stairs come down from the vi…
Beach in Beaches Northwest of Fortaleza


Cumbuco, 35km from Fortaleza, has a long wide beach with soft sand, an expanse of dunes and a few lagoons that make it very popular for buggy rides and day tours from Fortaleza. It's fairly windy which makes it less…
Beach in Paracuru

Praia de Paracuru

Paracuru's beach is a narrow stretch of sand running the length of a long curving bay that is shaded in some parts by clumps of trees. It's not overly commercial and has more of a local flavor than some of the other…
Brazilian in Mundaú, Flecheiras & Guajiru

Tempero Mineiro

This popular spot, right on the sands of Flecheiras, serves up plenty of fresh seafood dishes alongside some plates from Minas Gerais. Meals are good and reasonably priced. At night it serves pizzas.