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Feature: Passing Through Camamu

Most people arrive in Barra Grande on a boat from Camamu, which is on the mainland, shielded from the open ocean by the Peninsula de Maraú. The town is the port of call for the many tiny fishing villages in the region and overlooks a maze of mangrove-filled islets and narrow channels. Buses pass through frequently enough that it's unlikely you'd need to spend the night, but if you do there are a few inexpensive, family-run pousadas (guesthouses) and simple cafes around the boat dock.

Although it is a mini transportation hub there is no real bus station here. Instead you'll just see the offices of a few bus companies near the ports. From the south buses arrive from Itacaré (R$12–R$17, one hour) and from the north from Valença (R$16, two hours), Bom Despacho (R$37, four hours) and Feira de Santana (R$60, 5½ hours). Frequent buses travel to those destinations from Camamu as well. Aguia Branca, Cidade Sol and Empresa Santana all provide service to the town.

If you're continuing on to Barra Grande you can't miss the port from where you get off the bus. There are actually two, each launching boats for rival companies that basically offer the same service for the same price to Barra Grande. One is directly across the street from the buses, the other a little to the right if you're facing the river. However, you're likely to be intercepted right off the bus by a representative from one of the aforementioned companies to lead you to buy a ticket from their employer. This 'service' is free, so disregard if they try to ask for money.