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Top Choice Waterfall in Barcelos

Serra do Aracá State Park

Although this state park was established in 1990 to preserve the unique canyons carved out by the Rio Aracá, it wasn't until recently that the massive waterfall at its heart was officially measured and certified. Tu…
Beach in Barcelos

Praia Grande

This is Barcelos' biggest and most accessible beach. It's on an island directly opposite town and is a short boat ride (R$4) from the main dock. Shacks serve hot meals and cold drinks, especially on summer weekends.…
Nature Reserve in Barcelos

Arquipélago Mariuá

Hostel Manaus arranges engaging tours of various lengths to this massive collection of islands, the largest river archipelago in the world, southeast of Barcelos. You'll ply the winding waterways, visit island commu…
Brazilian in Barcelos

Camaleón Beach Grill

A wooden stairway leads from the plaza down to platforms where umbrella-shaded tables have views overlooking the river and Praia Grande beyond. Grilled fish and meat are served with standard sides.