Balneário Camboriú drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Club in Balneário Camboriú

Green Valley

One of the two world-renowned mega dance clubs in Balneário Camboriú, whose name is often tossed about in the 'World's Best Club' conversations among internationally famous DJs.
Top Choice Craft Beer in Balneário Camboriú

Mad Dwarf

Straight outta Joinville, this craft beer bar and brewpub has gone the franchise route and is the spot to ward off the beach heatstroke with something other than Skol and Brahma. There are 20 taps, most of which are…
Club in Balneário Camboriú

Warung Beach Club

Surrounded by virgin Atlantic forest and Indonesian-inspired architecture, Warung Beach Club effortlessly marries a world-renowned mega dance club with its lush surroundings.