Bahia attractions

Top Choice National Park in Lençóis

Parque Nacional da Chapada Diamantina

Spanning over 1520 sq km and containing within it innumerable species of plants and animals, deafening waterfalls and vast, rugged plains, Parque Nacional da Chapada Diamantina is a natural wonder that has drawn hik…
Top Choice Church in Salvador

Igreja NS do Bonfim

This famous 18th-century church, located a few kilometers north of Comércio on the Itapagipe Peninsula, is the source of the fitas (colored ribbons) you see everywhere in Salvador, a souvenir of the church and a sym…
Top Choice Area in Salvador


The centerpiece of the Cidade Alta is the Pelourinho, a Unesco-declared World Heritage site of colorful colonial buildings and magnificent churches. As you wander the cobblestone streets, gazing up at the city’s old…
Top Choice Museum in Salvador

Museu Náutico da Bahia

This excellent nautical museum in Forte de Santo Antônio da Barra contains relics and displays from the days of Portuguese seafaring, plus exhibits on the slave trade. It also offers superb views on the surrounds. A…
Square in Salvador

Largo do Pelourinho

Picture-perfect Largo do Pelourinho is a sloping, triangle-shaped square, once the site of the pelourinho (whipping post) – one of several nearby locations where slaves were exposed and punished. After slavery was o…
Marine Reserve in Caravelas

Parque Nacional Marinho de Abrolhos

Charter a trip to this 913 sq km park, located about 65km from mainland Brazil, to experience the natural splendors of the Atlantic ocean. Flocks of busy seabirds and tight-knit pods of humpback whales can be seen a…
Park in Caraíva

Parque Nacional de Monte Pascoal

Experience wild flora and fauna and the culture of the Paxato, one of the largest indiginous communities in Brazil, at this stunning park. It's free to enter, but you pay by the hike.
Beach in Boipeba

Praia da Cueira

Located about 1.5km outside of the village, Praia da Cueira has a nice stretch of palm-tree-lined beach facing the Atlantic that you'll likely find less crowded than the beaches in town. It's a popular spot for surf…
Museum in Salvador

Museu Afro-Brasileiro

Holding one of Bahia’s most important collections, the Museu Afro-Brasileiro exhibits wood carvings, baskets, pottery and other artwork and crafts linking Brazilian and African artistic traditions. The highlight of …
Farm in Itacaré

Vila Rosa

Take a break from the beach and head into the forest to Vila Rosa, a beautifully restored cocoa farm. Guided tours take visitors around the plantation to see the collection, fermentation and drying of cocoa beans, t…