Top Choice Notable Building in Brasília

Congresso Nacional

Featuring the photogenic ‘dishes’ and twin towers, the Congresso Nacional is one of the more interesting buildings on the inside as well. In addition to the color-coded chambers of the Senate (blue) and House of Rep…
Top Choice Notable Building in Brasília

Palácio do Itamaraty

Palácio do Itamaraty is home to the Foreign Ministry and one of the most impressive buildings – a series of arches towering over a reflecting pool and floating gardens landscaped by Burle Marx. Outside, the Bruno Gi…
Architecture in Porto Alegre

Catedral Metropolitana

This early-20th-century neoclassical cathedral is a Porto Alegre landmark. It sits atop the hill that divides downtown from a series of prosperous neighborhoods that are clustered around Parque Farroupilha, the city…
Notable Building in Centro & Around

Caixa Cultural

This cultural center occupies a grand neoclassical-style building with an imperious facade of black marble. Temporary exhibits of major Brazilian artists are shown; and the executive office suite on the 6th floor is…
Notable Building in Centro & Cinelândia

Casa França-Brasil

In a neoclassical building dating from 1820, the Casa França-Brasil sponsors changing exhibitions that are often dealing with political and cultural facets of carioca society. The classical revival building once ser…
Notable Building in Corumbá

Art Izu

Art Izu is home to one of Corumbá’s premier artists, Izulina Xavier. You can’t miss it – the giant bird sculptures and bronze statue of São Francisco in the front yard are stunning and the crazy paving in front is, …
Notable Building in Centro & Around


Latin America’s largest stock exchange. There is no longer a live trading floor to visit, but the lobby serves as a de facto museum, with small artifacts, a mock trading floor and an eight-minute self-congratulatory…
Architecture in Recife

Igreja da Ordem Terceira de São Francisco

The most important building to visit in the city center is the Igreja da Ordem Terceira de São Francisco, a church dating from 1697 with a Capela Dourada (Golden Chapel) that is one of the finest examples of Br…
Notable Building in Centro & Around

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil

Housed in an extraordinarily and lovingly restored Beaux Arts building, this cultural center holds innovative exhibitions of contemporary art as well as excellent film series and theater performances, some of which …
Architecture in Centro & Around

Igreja do Carmo

On Praça da Sé stands the modest Igreja do Carmo, which dates to the 1630s and still preserves its original high altar. At writing it was closed for major restoration.