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Top Choice Seafood in Atins & Caburé

Restaurante do Antônio

Get yourself here by foot, horseback, car, boat, on a tour or any way you can to experience the wonderful grilled shrimp at this rustic culinary destination 7km west of Atins. The location, isolated between the dune…
Brazilian in Atins & Caburé

Restaurante Ceu Aberto

Tucked away between the main road and the sea, this breezy open-air restaurant on an elevated deck surrounded by greenery hits the mark both in terms of ambience and meals. It's fairly elegant for Atins and the seaf…
Seafood in Atins & Caburé

Cabana do Peixe

The best and most atmospheric of Caburé's restaurants serving fresh fish and seafood stews to incoming day trippers. We especially like the individual thatch-roofed tables that sit in the sands in front of the main …